June 23, 2005


Thanks to the cloudless sky, I've got a remarkable tan this week, which is made all the more remarkable by the tan lines that my swimming cap and goggle engendered. I don't just have a line running across my forehead and over the bottom of my ears- I have two: one from Saturday, and one from Sunday. The lines cross and interweave due to the differential positioning of my swimming cap on the two days. It's all very amusing.


Looking around on the beach, it seems the other swimmers and I all developed the same skin- browned, damaged, and wrinkled. The exposure to the sun, salt, wind and pollution will do that to you. We look like fisherman who have spent their lives out on the sea.

Hmmm, an eyepatch and a gold tooth and I'd look like a real pirate. Yar, matey.

Posted by pj at June 23, 2005 08:27 AM