April 23, 2005

MMMM... Brains

I was so exhausted from training and battling my back injury that I fell asleep for around 2 hours this afternoon. It was a long, hard afternoon nap. My lack of decent sleep recently meant I popped almost immediately into REM sleep, and thus my two hours, instead of being restful, were filled with extremely vivid dreams. True to form, having woken up now I can only remember two things: clutching a Boston Red Wox World Series Championship Ring and sobbing happily, thinking, "This is the happiest day of my life!"; and finding my face stuck in my blanket and being unable to breathe, but too exhausted to move and wondering if this is how I would end up dying. Finally, with a desperate surge of strength, I managed to shift my nose and fill my straining lungs with sweet air. I'm not sure the second was a dream.

After I woke up I stumbled out of my room, my head filled with cotton wool and my tongue as parched as the Sahara. I'm sure if you looked on it, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz would have been spotted running around. I shuffled along the hallway, head rolling around as I lurched from side to side. I shuffled into the study and found a cup of water, which I gratefully gulped down.

A moment later, my brother walked by, on his way out. He looked at me.

Feeling like a zombie, I croaked out, "Brains..." His girlfriend followed a second later. "Bye!" she waved.

"Bye..." Even zombies have manners.

I stumbled downstairs where my brother was getting ready to go to a swim meet. Refilling my cup of water, I sat down at the kitchen table. My brother went to the toilet to change and I was left alone with his girlfriend. Curiously, she chose the furthest possible point of the room away from me to stand and examine the photographs we have displayed.

A minute later, my mother came down and looked at me, who was still groggy.

"How are you?" she inquired.

"Brains..." I replied, "Must... have... brains..."

There were no brains in the fridge, so I satisfied myself with grapes instead.

Posted by pj at April 23, 2005 06:22 PM

Hey PJ,

Been a rather 'brainy' day for ya I see...must be the school kids that are driving you a little distant from what one would consider 'normal'!! Heheh...Anyway, I reached into my bag and found the little tissue on which you wrote your URL, so I decided to drop by to see what you were actually talking about. And OMG!!! You're one tenacious character to want to do what you're about to do, and for some noble and patriotic reasons (as our friend might say). Cool! Here's wishin' ya all the very best with the training and for the historical moment!


Posted by: LL at April 23, 2005 10:06 PM

Ah, you don't know me very well, LL. I've always been very, very far from what you might consider 'normal'. If anything, I've had to tone down my excesses as I have to be a stable adult and a figure of authority in my students' lives.

Posted by: PJ at April 29, 2005 09:36 PM
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