March 18, 2005

My Kids

One of the fun things about being a history teacher is being able to read the creative interpretations of history by my students. For example:

"I think that everyone wants to be in a favourable light, Pharaoh or not. The Pharaoh might have wanted to leave his mark on the world and telling people what he has achieved [sic], you wouldn't want people going into his tomb and see hieroglyphics of the King eating chips and drinking wine while his kingdom is getting screwed. People will say, 'Man, he is such a loser.' ...

"... also when we analyze secondary sources it may be biased or inaccurate or totally false. We can't fully trust books or the internet because not many people would trust a source that says 'Michael Jackson turned white naturally' because anyone can write bullshit and claim it is true..."

Needless to say, this chap did well in the History test I gave!

Anglo-Chinese School (International) is a wonderful, wonderful place. Everyone on the staff, from the Principal down to the janitorial staff, are terrific people and work very hard at their jobs. The people who really inspire me, though, are the students- they are such a wonderfully talented group. Despite any problems we may have, I feel that there's nothing insurmountable with them. I truly enjoy working with them and I know they will all be very successful in the future.

As a teacher and as a person who's doing something utterly crazy to benefit the school (it is one of the beneficiaries of the Methodist Schools' Foundation), it warms my heart to know that these kids have so much promise and are working so hard to fulfil their potential. Every time I see them hard at work and I watch them learning, I am glad that I can help them achieve their goals and get the most out of life. They inspire me and hopefully I can inspire them.

Posted by pj at March 18, 2005 08:30 AM