March 04, 2005

A Faithful Mistress

I was recently accused of overachieving. I'm not even sure what that phrase means. How does one overachieve? I merely did what I had to do, when I had to do it, and achieved what I deserved from my efforts. It was just hard work and time. I achieved what I could with the time I was had, with the opportunities I was given, and with the obstacles I faced.

It may seem I 'overachieve', but at the same time I can make a case I underachieve. I am an incredibly lucky person, and Lady Luck has frequently smiled on me. With so many opportunities thrown my way, and with such providential situations I find myself in, I could hardly go wrong.

Just as easily, I could cite various misfortunes which have befallen me over the years. I don't dwell on those issues either.

In fact, given recent tumult in my personal life, it's timely to remind myself just how therapeutic the pursuit of excellence is. I highly recommend it. There is nothing which makes me forget about my problems more than spending two hours in the water, working my guts out, leaving my exhuasted but triumphant on the battle field. Similarly, when I'm absorbed in my marking, teaching my students, and focused on some other important piece of work, all my cares and worries melt away.

Over the years, the water has been my most faithful mistress. She has been there for me, every morning, beckoning me to dive in. She ranges from being frigid at 5.30am to being deliciously cooling at 4.30pm; but she always welcomes me into her embrace and never rejects me. All these years, I have shared with her pain and sorrow, heartache and sadness, and still she waits, every morning, accepting but never judging.

Perhaps that is why I find it so hard to bid her farewell. It's hard to say goodbye to someone who has meant so much to you and given so much of herself to you all these years. I am approaching the age where I must one day decide I can no longer keep seeing her every day. Yet I know that she won't mind and she will always be there for me, happily lapping at my feet as I walk up to the edge of the pool, waiting for me once again to commit myself to her depths and to leave the dry world behind.

Posted by pj at March 4, 2005 07:37 PM

You? An overachiever? NOooo.

Posted by: Meatwad at April 9, 2005 04:14 AM

What u say in e first para, it echoes what i belief.

I could be e bangla worker on e street.
I could be e son with e silver spoon n good looks n brains.
I could be e one born with something less of e majority.
I could be e one to grow up amidst lush singapore or among shrapnels in iraq.
The one who makes best of his choices is what makes a admirable person. Anyone can be a prince william, or a better or worst prince william.


Posted by: cloudz1 at May 30, 2005 02:46 PM
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